Senior Management



Mr Wong Weng Sun
President & CEO
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Mr Ong Poh Kwee
Chief Operating Officer
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Mr Tan Cheng Tat
Chief Financial Officer
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Mr Chua San Lye
Chief Human Resource Officer
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Ms Chionh Keat Yee
Head of Performance Management and Mergers & Acquisitions
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Ms Tan Yah Sze
Head of Legal and Corporate Secretariat
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Mr Tan Heng Jack
Head of Internal Audit
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Mr Chia Chee Hing
Head of IT
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Mr David Wong
Head of Corporate Communications
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Ms Lisa Lee
Head of Investor Relations
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Mr Simon Kuik
Head of Research & Development
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Ms Jessie Lau
Head of Administration
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Mr Wang Zijian
Head of Singapore Yard Operations
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Ms Wong Lee Lin
Head of Repairs & Upgrades
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Mr William Gu
Head of Rigs & Floaters
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Mr Ho Nee Sin
Head of Offshore Platforms
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Mr Freddie Woo
Head of Specialised Shipbuilding
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Mr Ng Thiam Poh
Head of Supply Chain
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Mr Altaf Hossain
President, Estaleíro Jurong Aracruz Ltda, Brazil

Mr Ng Thiam Poh
President Director, PT Karimun Sembawang Shipyard, Indonesia

Mr Paul Thomson
Managing Director, Sembmarine SLP Ltd

Mr Ron Chia
President Director, PT SMOE Indonesia