Innovation and Productivity

To deliver value-added and quality solutions, Sembcorp Marine harnesses innovation and productivity through sustained research & development, process improvements and facilities upgrading. These efforts in turn lead to enhanced capabilities and efficiencies for the customers and significant cost savings for the yards.


Our R&D Journey

Sembcorp Marine Technology was set up in 2007 to spearhead group involvement in marine and offshore technology, product innovations and work processes improvements. The R&D unit had established numerous collaborative partnerships with industrial partners, academia and research institutions for a sustained generation of innovative solutions and intellectual property inventions.

In 2012, Sembcorp Marine established a Green Technology Development division that would intensify the Group’s effort to research, develop, manufacture and market green products to the marine offshore and onshore industries.

Sembcorp Marine’s transformation for growth strategy led to the establishment of a new consolidated R&D function in July 2015. A new R&D Centre was launched to serve as a focal point for our research and development activities. This centre will focus on valued technologies, innovative solutions as well as their deployment to strengthen Sembcorp Marine’s core engineering and construction competencies in offshore rigs and floaters, ship repairs and upgrades, offshore platforms and specialised shipbuilding.Sembcorp Marine’s Transformation for Growth strategy led to the establishment of a new consolidated Research & Development (R&D) Centre in July 2015.


Our Approach to Innovation and Solutions Development

The Group’s R&D and innovation activities are guided by a streamlined R&D policy and framework to ensure that its decisions are prioritised for optimum business returns.

The Group’s continuous R&D efforts and strategic investments have resulted in the expansion of Sembcorp Marine’s suite of solutions. New international regulations to the shipping as well as oil and gas industries have created business opportunities. These include the International Maritime Organisation's (IMO) International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships and MARPOL Annex VI requirements that regulate the emission of sulphur oxides (SOx), as well as International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments.

Sembcorp Marine recognises the importance of diversifying technology and product areas amid the uncertainty over oil prices. This has already triggered the search for new value creation levers in the non-oil product areas. LNG is gaining regulatory support as environmentally-friendly fuel for bunker and power generation. The development of LNG solutions by Sembcorp Marine has strengthened its leadership in the LNG value chain. The Group’s production processes will be integrated, streamlined and extensively automated to achieve better quality, higher productivity, and greater product and service delivery capabilities.

To accelerate technology realisation, the Group actively seeks to collaborate with various partners to capitalise on specialised knowledge and expertise from scientists, innovators, industrial specialists and research institutes. This approach facilitates the search for new ideas and their development into core technologies and product solutions..

Innovative Process and Designs

The Group has in place an innovation framework integrated into all aspects of the yards’ operations, supported by management systems including the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and the OHSAS 18001 Safety Management System.

With strong support from management, employees actively embrace innovation as they seek ways to continuously improve their daily work processes. Some of these innovations include the “Load-out and Mating-in-Dock” and the “Traverse Skidding” techniques for the fast-track simultaneous construction and sequential assembly of multiple semi-submersibles. The Group has also developed leading-edge designs for rigs and drillships including the proprietary Pacific Class 400 jack-up design and the exclusive Jurong Espadon drillship design. The Group has also developed environmentally-friendly technologies that help to mitigate our customers' impact of emissions and ballast water on the environment.

Partners in Innovation, Quality & Productivity

Sembcorp Marine engages closely with its customers and contractor partners to solicit feedback and improve processes through a number of channels including customer surveys, alliance meetings, project discussions, safety walkthroughs, on-site visits and other events. The Friede & Goldman JU3000N jack-up design was the result of the close partnership with customer Noble Corporation and rig designer Friede & Goldman.

Research Collaborations

In its search for innovative solutions, Sembcorp Marine’s research and development centre partners with tertiary institutions for development of marine and offshore technologies, enhance environment, safety and performance of our comprehensive range of product and operational processes.

Yard Developments

To improve work efficiency, the Group’s yards continuously upgrade their capabilities through facility developments and equipment additions to meet customers’ needs.

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