Environmental Care & Protection

To build a sustainable and greener future, we protect the environment by adopting green practices and using natural resources responsibly. The Group also reaches out to promote environmental care among employees, stakeholders and the community.

As an endorsement of our green commitment, Sembcorp Marine was among 12 organisations from across Singapore’s maritime industry to pledge our support in promoting clean and green shipping at the inaugural Maritime Singapore Green Pledge signing ceremony in April 2011.

Environmental Management

The yards have in place environmental management systems and processes to minimise the environmental impact of their operations. All employees, contractors, customers and shipyard occupiers are to comply with the associated policies and practices. The key environmental areas of concerns include energy use, materials usage and waste management, water resource management, and air quality management. In these areas, the yards aim to:

  • Manage consumption of direct and indirect sources of energy used in the operations
  • Use raw materials such as steel efficiently and reduce different types of waste
  • Encourage recycling for materials including copper slag, steel scrap and paper
  • Optimise water consumption through using NEWater and other water-saving devices
  • Cut down on emissions of greenhouse gases

Green Mindset

Besides encouraging recycling and resource conservation among our employees, Sembcorp Marine continues to be actively involved in various green programmes targeted at different stakeholders.

To foster a green mindset among the young generation, Sembcorp Marine organises the annual Green Wave Environmental Care Competition for Schools. Sembcorp Marine has also supported the National Environment Agency-Mediacorp Semakau Run organised in support of several beneficiaries including the Singapore Environment Council and the Nature Society (Singapore).

Green Future

Sembcorp Marine’s Integrated New Yard Facility at Tuas South Boulevard is designed with environmentally friendly and innovative features, in line with the Group’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

The new yard will be constructed to meet the Building and Construction Authority’s Green Mark certification and will utilise recyclable construction materials as well as include sustainable green features for energy efficiency, water efficiency, environmental protection and indoor environmental quality.

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