Award-winning Innovations

The spirit of innovation resonates throughout the entire company. At every level, employees are encouraged to develop product and process innovations to enhance business competitiveness, quality, cost-effectiveness, productivity as well as health, safety, security and environment (HSSE).


Offering a winning combination of safety, productivity and environmental protection benefits, the Duster project minimises the leakage of grit dust, thus reducing the risk of slips and falls from grit-covered surfaces. A secured and portable housing is installed over tank openings during the blasting process which allows safer access and egress to the confined spaces beneath the tank.

Hydraulic Cable Drum Jack

Catering to different sizes of cable drums, the user-friendly device can easily be transported from one location to another. Apart from reducing ergonomic and safety hazards associated with the jacking-up process, the innovation also generates cost savings from eliminating the use of lifting equipment and improves work efficiency due to the faster turnaround time in installing the cables.


A systematic solution to a safer and more efficient overhaul of butterfly valves.  Eliminating manual hammering and strenuous use of muscular strength during the process, this innovation resulted to an increased productivity, manpower savings of 60% and cost-savings of about 85%. 

Super Trolley

Replacing manual and crane transporting, "Super Trolley" provides a more efficient and effective alternative for moving large and heavy cable drums, greatly reducing the probability of sustaining physical injuries.


Reducing risks such as fire hazards, the device replaces traditional welding and grinding processes by clamping the various sections of the jack-up rig's legs during the fabrication, joining and straightening process. 

Semi-Automatic Lifting Gears (Spider Grab)

Eliminating the need to weld eye plates, the Semi-Automatic Lifting Gears enhances work efficiency while minimizing the safety risks and material damage associated with hotwork and grinding.  A customized lifting device built with a semi-automatic locking mechanism to aid the process of lifting and handling irregular shaped outfitting items also has the ability to be operated from a distance, enabling workers to keep a safe distance from the lifting works.

HP Hook

Designed to enhance safety while working at heights, the HP Hook creates an extended outlet for a secured hooking of the safety harness to scallop holes.  It also serves as an additional anchor point for the second safety life line, thus prevents falling and swinging hazards during scaffold work.